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This privacy policy sets out our policy on the collection, use, disclosure and transmission of your personal information by Barakat News Group

As we update and expand our services, this policy may change, so it should be constantly reviewed

By entering our website or using our services, you agree to our use of your personal information. Please note that this privacy policy contains links that can only be accessed through our website, so if you review this privacy policy via Barakat ready-made devices (game or TVs connected to the Internet) , You must visit the website to review the terms for additional links

Collection and use of information

We collect and maintain information, including personal information, about you and your use of our services. This information is collected in a number of ways, including when you enter it on our website and use one of our services. Personal information is used to identify you or contact you. Non-personal information does not affect you directly. We may collect, use, transfer and disclose any non-personal information for any reason. You can not share any personal information we request from you, but in general any personal information we request is aimed at providing better services and the lack of this personal information will hinder our work

When you contact us, we may ask you to provide us with personal information that helps us in providing and developing our services and personalization

For the same reasons, we may disclose the personal information that you provide to us and what we obtained from other sources, in accordance with the law

We may use this personal information, for example, to complete your registration, requests, and to communicate with you on several topics. We may also use the email address or other means of communication to send newsletters, in addition to messages about Barakat's new features, Barakat special offers, promotions, consumer questionnaire and other correspondence related to our services.

We monitor your activities with us and collect information related to you and your use of our services, including but not limited to: your online activities, address choices, reviews, ratings, payment history, communications, Internet addresses, device types, device specific information (such as device identifiers) operating systems, Instant viewing of movies, programs and related activities

We use this information for specific purposes such as determining your geographical location, providing local materials, enforcing our terms (such as using device identifiers to determine your eligibility to receive a free trial), offering suggestions on movies and TV shows that we think might be fun, making the service more personal to provide favorite programs More, follow the actual viewing times, determine your internet service provider, to help us respond quickly and efficiently to inquiries and requests and thus improve and develop our services provided to you and other users

We randomly study our users for potential partners, advertisers, and other third parties. We may also disclose or use software and movie ratings, consumption behavior, comments, and reviews

For example, we use ratings for movies, TV shows, and consumer behavior to improve our recommendations for you and other users

While using the Barakat services, you will have the opportunity to post a comment or any other information in the public forums. Please be aware that when you post this information, it will be made public and not subject to this policy. We are not responsible for any third party use of the information that you post to the public through our services

From time to time, we may partner with companies that offer products that may be enjoyable to our members. In agreement with these companies, we may send promotional advertisements and / or online advertisements on their behalf in accordance with the law

Disclosure of information

We may share your information within the Barakat Group. Barakat Group that will view your information will apply terms that comply with the conditions mentioned in this Privacy Policy

In addition, we use companies, clients, and operators to provide services on our behalf

For example, we contracted with other companies to provide infrastructure and information technology services, develop and customize our web pages, perform credit card operations, provide customer service, collect debts, analyze and develop information, including user interaction with our website, and conduct opinion polls

These companies may share your personal information while providing their services. We only allow these companies to use or disclose your personal information in order to provide the services that we requested from them

We may offer joint offers and services which in order to participate may require sharing information with third parties. For example, we may offer to partner with companies that offer incentives, such as frequent flyer rewards, if you subscribe or benefit from our services.

For the purpose of achieving these promotional offers, we may share your name and other information to implement these incentives. By participating in these joint programs and offers, you agree to share your information. Please note that we do not control the privacy policies of third-party business

Barakat reserves the right to disclose personal information if we believe that entry, use and disclosure of this information is absolutely necessary to implement a law, regulation or legal procedure, or at a government request, to enforce applicable terms of use including investigation of possible violations, disclosure, prevention and / or processing Illegal activities, security or technical issues, protection from any harm against the rights, property, and safety of Barakat, or its users, or the public as required by law in the event of reorganization, restructuring, merger, sale, or any form of transfer of assets, we reserve the right Transfer information, including personal information, so that the other party is obliged to respect your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy

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